Pre-nuptial agreements

Recent court decisions make it clear it is worth signing a pre-nuptial agreement (a pre-civil partnership agreement in the case of homosexual couples).  To make it valid, four questions need answering ‘Yes’:-


1.         Do both parties understand the agreement?


2.         Were the parties properly advised?


3.         Was there any undue pressure put on the other party to sign?


4.         Was there full disclosure of assets?


There must be no duress, both sides must be legally advised and all the important facts known to both.  Unless it is manifestly unfair, and of course children are never left out in the cold, pre-nuptial agreements can be binding, or as a minimum highly persuasive on a split, and well worth signing.


In the run-up to a marriage ceremony, the issue should be handled professionally and tactfully, and Hylton-Potts are able to do both and at very reasonable cost.