Excuses to delay payment

Are you owed money?

Have you ever heard any of the following excuses?

  • I have lost the invoice.
  • I dispute the verbal estimate.
  • Goods were not received.
  • The statement not received.
  • I cannot agree the statement.
  • Computer is down.
  • The accountant has broken his arm.
  • The accountant is sick.
  • The accountant is dead.
  • The accountant absconded with the tea girl.
  • We have no accountant.

THEN you get a cheque BUT

  • No signature
  • Figures and words disagree.
  • Two signatures required but only one there.


  • Missed cheque run.
  • Run out of cheques
  • Annual stock in trade.
  • End of financial year.
  • Goods located but it was sale or return.

And finally

  • Don’t you know there is a war on.
  • Send your credit note so we can balance your account.

If you have heard any of the above excuses, you need a Rottweiler so contact Rodney Hylton-Potts on 020 7381 8111 or email [email protected].

Tell him about the money you are owed and he will, free of charge, advise you on the options costs and timing. A ‘Rodney’ special letter is not one that people ignore or put inder the clock.

What have you got to lose?