Child Support with both parents in UK

This is dealt with by a government agency not the court although it can intervene with “topping up” if the family is wealthy.

CSA – (there is an online at calculator) or phone 0845 713 4000

The maximum income on which the CSA payments are calculated is £2,000 per week.

It is calculated on the basis of net weekly income;

15% for 1 child
20% for 2 children
25% for 3 children or more

Net income is net of tax, NI and Pension contributions.

Roughly speaking this come to a maximum of;

£ 300/week for 1 child

£ 400/week for 2 children£ 500/week for 3 children

There are deductions from this if a paying parent has other children in his/her care.

Scale reductions according to 1 child, 2 children or 3 or more.

There are also deductions where the child being supported spends more than 51 nights a year with the paying parent.

When the maximum figure is reached, the court has jurisdiction in respect of top-up maintenance for higher earners.

High earner is defined as anyone earning more than £2000 net per week (£104,000 p.a.)

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