Business at Christmas – employing staff and electronic signatures

Taking the seasonal strain

This article in the FT 28 November 2014 is well worth a look.

Zero hour contracts are a hot political potato, but within the firmament they are still established and legal way of proceeding to employ

There is flexibility for both sides and they can cover seasonal peaks just like Christmas

Overtime does not need to be paid at an enhanced rate.

An alternative approach is a fixed-term contract where you can contract with staff for a set time.

All workers, however, are entitled to statutory holiday pay although zero hours employees have fewer rights.

If you have a legal employment problem take expert legal advice on early-stage

Electronic signatures

On 8 September 2014, the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills published a guide to the use of electronic signatures, which is essential reading for anyone seeking to use them for business purposes.

This can be found at


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