Equality for mums and dads alike and employing staff at home

Equality for mums and dads alike

This article in the FT 28 November 2014 (www.ft.com) is well worth a look.

The right to request flexible working, formerly reserved for parents and carers, has been extended to all employees.

There are eight reasons the employer can give for rejecting a flexible working.

Employers need to think about the new regime and whether they will pay shared parental pay in line with their current maternity pay policy.

If you have unemployment expert legal advice is essential as an early stage.


Employing staff at home.

Have a look at the Financial Times 7th November FT Money section and an excellent article called

What are the rules for hiring domestic staff?  www.ft.com

which gives good guidance on employing staff at home.

Normal employment legislation applies except for the minimum wage. That does not apply if the member of staff shares tasks looks after the children who is not charged for food and accommodation (such as an au pair).

Be aware of statutory rights paid holidays minimum notice period and you have to carry out ID checks to make sure that they can legally work in the UK from abroad.

The days of paying cash are gone. PAYE and National Insurance really must be paid or you are storing up trouble for yourself.

It is often worthwhile employing through an agency who in turn subcontracts to the staff member.

As always the crucial factor is to get expert legal advice before you take anybody on. Keep in mind such items as confidentiality about your family and deducting items from wages for breakages. Just because the employee is at home, and it is all pretty relaxed and informal does not mean that the law does not apply and that can be problems.


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