Be flexible when dealing with litigants in person

An excellent article in the Solicitors Journal, is well worth a read.

Litigants in person (LIP’) entitled to expect help from their professional opponents.

Guidance was published earlier this summer by the Law Society, in conjunction with the Bar Council and the Chartered Institute of Legal Executives (CILEx), to help solicitors and other professionals deal with LIP’s. There follows a summary of that guidance, that and LIP can quote to his or her solicitor or professional opponent, and complained of the judge if they do not comply with it.

  1. Adopt a professional, co-operative, and courteous approach;
  2. Take extra care to communicate clearly, without legal mumbo-jumbo so far as possible;
  3. Realise that communications from LIPs may be emotive, repetitive, or hostile.
  4. Do not take unfair advantage of facing an LIP
  5. Notify the court ahead of a hearing that an LIP will be attending (even though result in extra work for the represented party to assist the LIP);
  6. Take into account article 6 of the Human Rights Act and ensure that you comply with this regarding the LIP
  7. Prepare on the basis that leeway may be granted by the court to LIP’s

If you are a litigant in person and need help look at the HPLC website

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