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Take a case from every day case in any Magistrates’ Court up and down the country. Girl has made complaint of domestic violence, by her partner. Before the relationship began she was a working prostitute but did not tell her partner. The information held by the Prosecution must be disclosed to the Defence where it will assist them. Sometimes, however, the CPS sitting at a desk are holding back this information on the grounds that it deprives, in this case, the former prostitute, of her right to privacy. When there is non-disclosure the Defendants can not complain because they do

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Changes In Company Director Address Laws

From 1 October 09 a director may keep his home address confidential, by changing it to the registered office at Companies House. Time for filing accounts has been reduced by one month. You do not need a company secretary. All the forms have changed so make sure you use the new version. You should sign up to the Protected Online Filing Scheme (PROOF) to protect you from identity theft. If you need any advice or guidance on how these law changes will affect you, contact us today on 0207 381 8111 Did you find this post useful? Please vote below

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Benefit Fraud – Helping you avoid prosecution

Below is a letter we received from a client – We can avoid this happening to you!!! Dear Rodney, I am reading news every day of people going to jail for benefit fraud. I am really concerned. Just today, this is what I read (see below). I know that we cannot do anything about anything now and that the strategy remains the same, but I am seriously concerned. Anyway, I hope to hear some good news before 1st October, Kind Regards, Jail for Hunston benefit fraud man who ‘did not know wife had a job’ Published Date: 22 September 2009

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Rodney Hylton-Potts, The Beatles and The Times

Following on from the recent article on the Beatles and the 1960’s, we are delighted that Rodney’s comments were picked up by the Times newspaper on Saturday Here is a link to the article Always nice to see your name in the paper (especially for good reasons!) Also nice to know that people are reading my snippets – I will keep them coming! Thanks and remember – Need a divorce lawyer London? – call me

Children in police cells – The unlawful practices

The illegal placing of children in police custody occurs regularly. It is unlawful. The law states that “where a custody officer authorises an arrested juvenile to be kept in police detention the custody officer, unless he certifies it is impractical to do so, shall make arrangements for the arrested juvenile to be taken into care of the local authority”. The local authority says as there are no resources available so often, that the custody officers do not even bother to ask. Children are locked up over night or for weekends, in totally unsuitable surroundings which are traumatic for an adult,

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Funny Legal Cartoons

Here are a few cartoons we have found – Click the image to view a larger version Do you know any funny legal cartoons? – Send the links here in the comments box below

A Message to all Beatle Fans

To all Beatles Fans Wednesday, 19 August 2009 Fellow Fans! My life and legal career has cris-crossed with the Beatles several times, most recently in an involvement for a client, who held the tapes made by the late Linda McCartney which became a hot property, when it was alleged that Sir Paul was violent in his second marriage. You were no one unless you danced to the Beatles. By this I mean, before they filled theatres with seats, Beatle mania filled dance halls. I saw them in Buxton in 1963 (see photograph). This is taken from behind the stage, and

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New EU Law affects UK Citizens committing offences abroad

The Knock on the Door In the UK if someone arrested, there is a right to a lawyer, due process, and a court appearance to examine the evidence. There cannot just be a “knock on the door” which epitomised the Nazi regime, and frightened those of us old enough to remember the terror campaign of the thirties and forties. But, a knock on the door has become a reality for British citizens. Typically, if an offence in a European country carries a maximum sentence of three years imprisonment, the UK citizen has no rights whatever and literally there could a

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A Chance to Judge our Judges

What do you think of these recent remarks made by judges? “Immigrants like you, and there are literally hundreds of thousands of people like you, come to these shores from foreign countries to avail themselves of the generous welfare benefit system here. The national debt of this country has risen to extraordinary heights because the Government has wasted billions of pounds on such welfare payments. For every pound that a decent hardworking citizen earns and pays in taxes 10% goes on welfare payments largely to people like you.” Or try this, “We are living in a society bedevilled by wild

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Bonus Madness for the bankers

Imagine the scene. A Bank Board of directors, conscious of furious public, angry shareholders and under the gaze of Financial Services Authority and the Government, meet. The subject is to hire a new star trader currently in New York. “Let’s pay a £5 million bonus because I like his face”. Nonsense says the next “Let’s pay her £6 million bonus because she has a good figure”. Does Alistair Darling really think that a board of directors pays out bonuses because of a nice face or a good figure? A bank board pays out bonuses for one reason, which is to

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