Fixed Fees / Pay as you go

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We offer a pay as you go service, to get advice on just parts of a case, rather than instructing solicitors on a traditional retainer.

This means we agree with you which parts of the case you will undertake, whilst we take only the parts that add the most value for you. A fixed fee, with no nonsense service and advice.

We can offer a guiding hand for specific tasks such as drafting a petition, claim, defence, witness statement, affidavit or legal letter.

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Guaranteed fixed fees – no hidden extras

Application to adjourn a court hearing £195 including VAT

Employment Claim: £1250

Advice on Compromise Agreements: £1250

Benefit and Tax Credit Fraud: £1250

Benefit Fraud or Tax Credit Civil Appeal: £1250

Appeal against revocation of SIA licence £1250

Appeal against revocation of PCO licence £1250

NHS Fraud: £1250

Application to GMC/GDC/BPS for registration: £1495 including VAT

Appeal from refusal by UKFPO to award eligibility £1495 including VAT

Legal Complaint following failure to pass ORE by GDC £1250 including VAT

Legal review following failure to pass PLAB by GMC £1250 including VAT

Representations following failure to pass or be properly graded at OSCE £1250

Drink/driving mitigation Pack: £245 including VAT

Criminal Mitigation Pack: £245 including VAT

Motoring/criminal-drafting and filing appeal £1250

Lasting Powers of Attorney- Property and Welfare £495 + VAT

General power of attorney £100 + VAT

Intellectual Property – Poor Man’s copyright: £100 Including VAT

Divorce and Family Fees

Guaranteed fixed fees – no hidden extras

Wherever possible we offer you a guaranteed fixed fee.

If you are divorcing someone: £795 plus VAT and Court fees of £410, total £ 1364 (most couples pay half each)

If someone is divorcing you:  £395 including VAT

Living Together Agreement £395 including VAT

Parental Responsibility Agreement – £125 including VAT

Pre-Nuptial Agreement – £595 including VAT

Post-Nuptial Agreement – £595 including VAT

Pre-CIP Agreement: £595 including VAT

Post-CIP Agreement: £595 including VAT

Change of Name: £195 including VAT

Protecting the family home if your spouse’s sole name: £195 including VAT

Separation Agreement – £1250

Application for contact, residence order, parental responsibility, maintenance, child maintenance apart from CSA, specific issue: £1250

Application for financial settlement, lump sum, family home, maintenance (Form A): £1250

Severing a joint tenancy to become tenants in common £1250

Enforcing a financial order £445 including VAT.

Known and unknown donor agreements £1250 including VAT

Bankruptcy for Europeans in the UK £1250 including VAT

Drafting a will: £125 including VAT

Husband and wife, or civil partners, or cohabiting couples, identical wills £195 including VAT

Living Wills:  £100 +VAT

Probate: £1250 + VAT