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Civil Partnership Lawyers

We advise on a pre-civil partnership agreement (a Pre-cip)

We can advice on the break up of a civil partnership, exactly as we would in a divorce or other family matter. This includes custody disputes over pets such as cats, dogs and horses.

We are approachable, tough, no nonsense and “street-wise” .

We are based in London but operate countrywide.

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We are cheaper, faster and better than solicitors. For more information or a free legal opinion telephone 020-7381-8111 or email [email protected].

We offer a fast and efficient service, and are committed to a high level of client satisfaction.

Civil partnerships in the United Kingdom.

Those from countries where civil partnerships are not allowed, or even amount to a criminal offence, can look to the United Kingdom to overcome the difficulty.

In order to enter into a civil partnership in the United Kingdom :

  • Both parties will need to enter the registrar’s office, in person
  • Overseas couples wishing to register their partnership in the United Kingdom must reside in the country for seven days prior to application for the partnership, and wait a further fifteen days before the civil partnership may be formed.
  • There are special offices you need to register at if either party is an immigrant
  • You must be over the age of 18, or have written permission if you are between the ages of 16 and 18
  • You must be free of any previous partnerships or civil marriages
  • The notice must be made public during a 15-day period of waiting, so that any objections to the union are allowed to be made

The rules in relation to both EC residents and others are complex, but we can guide you through them, and arrange everything, quickly and at a highly competitive fixed fee.

We are cheaper, faster and better than solicitors. For more information or a free legal opinion telephone 020-7381-8111 or email [email protected].


We are experts at dissolving Civil Partnerships and handling all money and children issues.

Matters are handled sensitively, but we can be very tough and Rodney did not get his nickname ‘ Rottweiler’ by being touchy feely.

Fixed fees apply.

You will get advice from experienced and approachable, dissolution and family lawyers. Access to your lawyer by email and direct dial telephone or meetings if you prefer. A lawyer who explains everything and uses clear plain English.

Consult the experts.

For more information or a free legal opinion telephone 020-73818111 or email (24 hours) [email protected]