Powers of Attorney

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Power of Attorney
Lasting Powers of Attorney- Property and Welfare £495 + VAT
General power of attorney £100 + VAT.

We can advise on and draft general or Lasting Powers of Attorney, and register them.

We can revoke them, and handle all the forms.

We are experts on mental health issues, and offer fixed fees and fast, sympathetic and efficient advice.

Fixed Fees

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Lasting Power of Attorney (“LPA”)

There are two types of LPA’s. One relates to property and financial matters and the other relates to health and welfare. It is worth considering signing both types.

They let you nominate someone to make decisions about your life, if you are unable to decide for yourself through ill health.

You choose your Attorney whilst still in good health, but they do not take over your affairs until your mental capacity deteriorates. You can nominate a second person – a friend or relative, to be informed when the LPA is activated. This is a safeguard.
LPAs are less expensive and give you more control that leaving the Court to decide what is best for you at the time.

If they are registered at the Office of the Public Guardian, once they are signed, LPAs can be used immediately when ill health arises.

General Power of Attorney

This immediately gives somebody the right to sign for you and handle your affairs. It can be general covering everything, or limited to specific areas, or for specific periods e.g. when you are in hospital or abroad.