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The PCO – The Governing Body Of The Private Hire Industry

The London Public Carriage Office
15 Penton Street
London N1 9PU
08456 027000 08456 027000

The Law: For Private Hire Drivers & Operators

The London Public Carriage Office is the governing body of the London Hackney Carriage Taxi & Private Hire industry
And is also part of the London Metropolitan Police.

All complaints about the driver, vehicles and Operators are handled by the PCO who have the power to revoke both a driver’s & operator’s licence.

However – All complaints should first be addressed to Private Hire Operator and only addressed to the PCO if no satisfaction is reached.

If you have a problem with the London Public Carriage Office PCO consult the experts

Appeal against revocation of PCO licence £1250

General guidance on hackney carriage law for London’s licensed taxi drivers – Click here to download

We often succeed in persuading the SIA to overturn its original decision and concede an appeal without going to a court hearing.

We are expert at successfully applying for approved contractor scheme status, including any necessary court appeal.

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