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Hylton-Potts are experienced Benefit Fraud and Tax Credit Fraud Lawyers. If you’ve received a letter about an Interview, Awkward Documents or Overpayments, call or email us today!
We never allow our clients to be interviewed.

We’re here to help you;

  • 24 hour Free Email service.
  • Office hours Free Telephone Helpline.
  • Never attend an interview, which terrify people.
  • Everything strictly confidential.
  • Dedicated expert and experienced lawyer.
  • Available by telephone, Skype, meeting and email.
  • Fixed fee £1250.

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    We can help fight your case…

    • We are experts at avoiding criminal prosecutions, and never allow our clients to be interviewed!
    • Experts at challenging the amount of an overpayment.
    • Replacing interviews under caution with a written mitigation package of a written statement, character references and medical reports.
    • We have a high success rate in avoiding prosecutions and custodial sentences.
    • We will work on your case for a low cost Fixed Fee of only £1250.
    • We can help you if you been accused of subletting your property/flat.
    • We can help if you have been accused of unlawful, or fraudulent subletting.
    • We are experts in helping with Student Loans Fraud Prevention issues, and obtaining successful outcomes with DSA Counter Fraud Services.
    • If prosecuted fixed fee £1250 including VAT, including expert preparation and representation by top private barrister.
    • Negotiations with prosecutors HMRC,  Concentrix  and DWP
    • Mandatory Reconsideration
    • Defence to Benefit Fraud charges and reduction of charges in nature and scope.
    • Expert at Universal Tax Credits, Furlough Job Retention scheme, Job Seekers’ Allowance, Income Support, Disability Living Allowance, Child Benefit, Working Tax Credit, Child Tax Credit, Council Tax Benefit, Housing Benefit, Personal Independence Payment, Employment Support Allowance, Attendance Allowance and Carers Allowance Legislation.
    • When someone has mental or health difficulties an appointee can look after their affairs. We can advise on legal issues, including dishonesty by appointees.


    Received a letter about a Fraudulent Claim or receiving an Overpayment?

    Every year, thousands of people receive letters just like these even though the majority never set out to intentionally de-fraud the system. Most often, they have innocently filled in a form incorrectly or not realised they needed to update their circumstances.

    Regardless of your circumstances, we can work with you to understand your circumstances and understand your situation so we can find a solution that will work best to help you.

    Don’t let them treat you like a criminal!

    They will now try and fix a date for a recorded interview in which they will try and ‘find out the facts’ and have you confess to knowingly falsifying the information you supplied in your Tax Credit forms.

    In their eyes, you have committed an offence. This isn’t the like the criminal legal system, you are NOT innocent until proven guilty. It is for you to prove your innocence in these circumstances. It is like an interview under Police caution.

    More information from the Governments – Benefit Claims: do the right thing website.

    We will have your Interview replaced with a Written Statement

    Here at Hylton-Potts, we will ensure that you do not have to attend the interview. We will work with the authorities to have your interview under caution under the Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984 replaced with a written mitigation package of a written statement, character references and medical reports.

    Fixed Fees

    Expert Legal Help doesn’t have to break the bank! With our Fixed Fees, you can be sure you know what you’re paying from start to finish with no unexpected surprises, just because we reached a successful conclusion to your case!

    We charge a fixed fee of just £295 (including VAT) to advise, and a highly competitive fixed fee to replace your interview under caution with a mitigation package of a written statement, character references and medical reports.

    If you have been prosecuted, we charge a fixed fee of just £1250 (including VAT), which includes expert preparation and representation by a top private barrister.

    Why choose Hylton-Potts?

    The fixed, guaranteed fees include all required documents, advice from experienced, approachable Benefit Fraud and Tax Credit Fraud Lawyers. Access to your Lawyer by email, Skype and direct dial telephone, or at meetings as you prefer. A Lawyer who explains everything, and uses clear plain English.

    We are no nonsense Street fighters good to have on your side. For us there is no such thing as ‘Just another case’ .We treat you like a close family member or lifelong friend. We provide a better and cheaper service than solicitors.

    For Further Information

    If you would like to read further information about our service, then please click here to read more about our Benefit Fraud Services.
    Or alternatively if your enquiry is about Tax Credit Overpayments, then please click here to read more about our Tax Credit Overpayments Services.

    You have nothing to lose, so why not get in touch by picking up the phone and giving us call today on – 020 7381 8111.