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Hylton-Potts are experienced EC Rights Lawyers that have helped many Doctors and Dentists to register with the GMC and GDC. We also help Architects, Midwives & Nurses, Pharmacists, Teachers & Veterinary Surgeons. We can help you with your registration, or professional disciplinary problems. Call or email us today!

We’re here to help you;

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  • Office hours free telephone helpline.
  • Everything strictly confidential.
  • Dedicated expert and experienced lawyer.
  • Available by telephone, Skype, meeting and email.
  • Fixed Fees.

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    We can help with your registration.

    • Application to GMC and GDC and other Professional Bodies for registration via EC Rights- Fixed Fee £1,495 including VAT.
    • Expert advice on avoiding having to take the PLAB or ORE.
    • Certificate of Completion of Training (CCT).
    • Certificate confirming Eligibility for Specialist Registration (CESR).
    • As well as Doctors and Dentists, we have also had success helping Architects, Midwives & Nurses, Pharmacists, Teachers and Veterinary Surgeons.
    • Expert advice at every stage throughout your application.
    • Application to go on specialist register at fixed fees.
    • Advice on professional issues and fitness to practice hearings, along with any other legislation you may be having difficulty with.
    • We deal with primary care NHS applications.
    • Contact us if you feel you have been unfairly marked, or given a fail in any examination, including Royal College of Surgeons.
    • We can help with problems affecting the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health –   and the Irish medical Council

    Had trouble obtaining registration without taking the PLAB or ORE?

    The General Medical Council (GMC) and General Dental Council (GDC) registration process can be long and complicated at the best of times. With no experience of how to avoid the pitfalls, you may find it more difficult and complicated than it needs to be.

    The GMC, GDC and other professional bodies intensely dislike this method of getting registered, so it can be complicated and stressful.

    The GMC and GDC will both nit-pick, and find any excuse to stop a successful application, hence the need for expert advice and attention to detail. They consider it a ‘backdoor route’, and if there is a grey area they will rule against you!

    Expert EC Rights GMC and GDC Help and Advice!

    Here at Hylton-Potts, we do all we can to make it as stress free for you as we can. We will guide you through the whole process and be there to explain everything, every step of the way.

    We deal with primary care NHS applications.

    Fixed Fees

    Expert Legal Help doesn’t have to break the bank! With our Fixed Fees, you can be sure you know what you’re paying from start to finish with no unexpected surprises, just because we reached a successful conclusion to your case!

    £1,495 (including VAT) for reading all the documents, covering letters, drafting the application and detailed legal advice, and pursuing and completing the application.

    Why choose Hylton-Potts?

    The fixed, guaranteed fees include all required documents, advice from experienced, approachable EC Rights Lawyers. Access to your Lawyer by email, Skype and direct dial telephone, or at meetings as you prefer. A Lawyer who explains everything, and uses clear plain English.

    We are no nonsense Street fighters good to have on your side. For us there is no such thing as ‘Just another case’ .We treat you like a close family member or lifelong friend. We provide a better and cheaper service than solicitors.

    For Further Information

    If you would like to read further information about our service, then please click here to read more about our EC Rights / GMC Law / GDC Law Services.

    You have nothing to lose, so why not get in touch by picking up the phone and giving us call today on – 020 7381 8111.