Benefit Fraud Enquiry Dropped against Ms. P.

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Many of the clients who consult us, are people of good character and do not believe they have committed a crime.  They have simply forgotten to tell the Local Authority or DWP about their savings earnings or a change of their circumstances.

We have had many successes and here is a recent example:

Ms P had savings of about £10,000, bought a car, opened a business account and there were financial transactions with friends.  At this time she was receiving housing benefit of about £90 per week and Council Tax benefit.

It was only when she looked on the internet and saw an article about benefit fraud that she realised that she had to inform the Benefit Office.

We got to them before they got to her.  Through us she made a full confession and explanation.  No action was taken against her whatever.  The whole matter was dropped she did not even have to pay an administrative civil penalty.

Our strategy was based on full cooperation making the investigator’s life easy and convincing them that our client was not a rogue and it was merely an oversight.

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