Civil Partnership Financial Dispute: Excellent Result

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When civil partners break up, the acrimony can often exceed that of a heterosexual couple, and there is a risk of legal costs spiralling out of control.

With our calm, cost effective and efficient approach, we have had many cases resolved satisfactorily by agreement or in court on attractive terms. A recent example:

Ms W was head of wealth management and earning £190,000 per annum.  Her partner was a student. She was a full-time student and had never worked.

The partner took the view that after some years as a faithful “wife” she should be compensated in extent which would almost wipe out Ms W.

By taking a firm line and pointing out the ability of the partner to seek employment, even though she wanted to be the main carer for the children an “eternal student” an out of court settlement was agreed

There was a clean break, full and final settlement, under which Ms W would pay her partner £40,000 to pay off student loans and maintenance limited to two years, whilst she got on her feet.

This enabled both ladies to focus on their futures separately and devote their time money and resources to bringing up their two lovely children.

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