Divorce/Financial Settlements

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In divorce the main holder of assets and income (often the husband) has a setback. We are consulted by many husbands who accept this reality, but they do not want to be ‘taken to the cleaners’.

We are extremely good and successful at avoiding this and negotiating a settlement or obtaining a Court decision, keep sufficient assets and income to a reasonable lifestyle and in particular quality time with the children, often a vital factor.

We have many successful cases. Here is one recent example;

Mr L married a “Thai bride” and was “cleaned out” on his first divorce settlement.

He then remarried, you have guessed it, another “Thai bride” and came to us. By focusing on the relatively short length of the marriage, the bride’s ability to earn a living despite her desire to do her hair and paint her nails all day, we were able to achieve a Court decision whereby Mr L paid her only £9,000 by instalments in full and final.

As soon as the divorce was over he was able to focus on his career and earn that amount back The procedure was not entirely, but relatively painless.

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