Employee Awarded Substantial Discrimination Damages

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We often advise and represent clients seeking damages for unfair dismissal, including claims for discrimination and ‘whistleblowing” and we have many successful outcomes.  One recent example is:

Mr O. a black man was seconded to work in a hospital and took his lunch in the canteen.  At a self-service counter, he took a hamburger and chips for his lunch, but then covered the chips with a napkin.

The white “Dinner lady” at the cashier’s desk pulled off the napkin and said “We do not want your sort around here” claiming she meant “thieves”.

We managed to persuade the judge she meant black people, and he was awarded £27,000 damages.

Even in the weaker cases we can generally negotiate a settlement before the final tribunal hearing and people “Google” us to find that we are tough and efficient. 98% of cases settle that way, usually satisfactorily.

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