Fighting for Fathers

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We work closely with Families Need Fathers and often get approached by fathers who are seeking Contact or Residence Orders in relation to their children. There are some very sad cases. We fight for all our clients but never more than for fathers in the situation. The odds are often stacked against fathers but we have many successes.  One example.

Mr M’s wife took their son from Egypt and brought him to the UK.

He travelled to London but contact was refused.  His wife made allegations of aggression and obtained a Non-Molestation Order and Prohibited Steps Order.  The effect was that any contact by Mr M with his son was refused by her.

We were able to persuade the court that it was in the best interest of the child, despite the allegations, to have contact with Mr M the father.  He was very brave, and put up with the humiliation of supervised contact, but the contact developed to unsupervised and eventually the Judge allowed the boy to travel to Egypt to spend an increased amount of time with his father.

Never, never, never, never, give up on your children.

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