Pet Custody

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When Jonathan and Jane split up their dog “Binkie” was a bone of contention.

They bought the dog jointly.  There was no argument about that, but it was Jane’s house.  When she told Jonathan to leave she said she was keeping Binkie. He suggested that Binkie should spend time with each of them, but Jane was not happy.

He consulted Hylton-Potts.  Our advice was that the police would not want to know.  Also that Jane would not go to court, despite her threat to do so. This is what happened.  On our advice Jonathan took Binkie with him.  Jane went to the police.  As predicted they did not want to know.

Jane then went to a solicitor who asked for £3,500 to go to court.  Jane decided that she loved Binkie, but not that much. The end result was that Jonathan now has Binkie, but being a generous chap he is allowing Jane to walk him from time to time on the strict understanding he would be returned. Practical advice based on long experience has no substitute.

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