Professional Problems for Dentists

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We are frequently asked by dentists and to advise and represent them before the General Dental Council (GDC) Disciplinary and Fitness to Practice panels.

We have had many successful outcomes. Here is one recent example:

Dr S was a dentist who in error extracted the wrong tooth. He panicked, took the extracted tooth from a “sharp box” which is a tightly controlled form of sealed box, used by professionals to seal such waste as needles and teeth extracted and bandages, to controlled disposal, and tried to replace the tooth.

This was a moment of madness completely out of character.

The wound grew septic and the patient was taken ill and naturally he was taken he was disciplined. The GDC were looking for erasure from the register, or as a minimum of striking off, but we were able to persuade them to suspend his registration for two years, during which time he attended courses, interacted with his peers and taught and generally and got his life back together. He was basically a fine dentist who a massive mistake out of character, and by convincing the panel of this we were able to save the rest of his career.

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