Professional Problems for Doctors and Dentists

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We are frequently asked by doctors and to advise and represent them before the General Medical Council (GMC) Disciplinary and Fitness to Practice panels.

We have had many successful outcomes. Here is one recent example:

Mr K was a successful surgeon who increasingly failed in his battle with alcohol. He began making clinical errors, including dropping a scalpel which pierced a patient’s skin. and civil claims sprang up. Worse, he was caught driving with more than three times the permitted level of alcohol.

We managed to persuade the magistrates that he should not be sent to prison and instead he was put on probation with a rehabilitation course. The GMC were pressing for his name to be erased, or as a minimum, struck off from the register. We were able to persuade the panel to suspend his registration for a period which enabled him to successfully overcome his alcohol problems.

It was a rocky road and there were lapses but eventually after he came through successfully, was restored to the register and has now taken his place amongst his peers as one of the finest surgeons in Europe.

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