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Hello Marika

I am just in the middle of writing you a letter to thank you and Rodney personally along with your legal term. After emailing Rodney last week. He was brilliant and made sense of a lot things.

I will attach the letter later.

Thank you so much.

Best regards



Dear Rodney,

We have today received a letter from Fraud Investigator Stating that Carols case has been to the Crown Prosecution Service and a decision has been made not to prosecute and that the investigation is now closed.

I would like to thank you and your team for everything that you have done for Carol regarding this case.

Best Regards


Dear Sirs. I write to advise that I am instructed by the above in respect of his forthcoming trial and thus his consequent criminal proceedings. I would like to place on record my clients thanks for your service and the highly professional standard of care and preparation and that this change is born only out of financial necessity. I shall endeavour to follow the high standard of care you have set.

My and my clients thanks again.

Thanks Marika and I gave you good reviews on both sites. Thanks for everything and I will let you know as soon as I have heard from them.



Thanks for your support. It was successful they paid out £4500 at last. Will recommend your services to friends and relatives. Please shred the documents.
Thank you

Dear Rodney

Will do, and please accept my gratitude for the way in which you and Marika have handled this whole matter.  I always felt that I was in good hands.

I will, of course, keep your details in case we, or anyone of our acquaintance, needs legal assistance.

Best wishes


Thanks a lot.
I will swing into action to improve my next application.
I will keep in touch.
Thank you for all your efforts.
I will not hesitate to recommend you to anyone should they be in need of a lawyer.
You will definitely be hearing from me.

Sincerely yours

Hi Marika,

Thank you for the email. I have received all paperwork back from yourself and filed away. Once I receive correspondence I will be in touch. Thank you for all the work and time you have spent on my case already, it is really appreciated.

Kind Regards


Good Morning Marika

I got the excellent news in the post, the Decree Absolute! Thanks for the excellent service received.

Please pass on my special gratitude to Rodney for his advice of high calibre and service.

I will get back to you in due course to seek further advice on financial matters including the drafting of a new Will.

Again thanks very much for your handling of this case, your support and advice along the way (and being patient with me at times when I almost lost the plot!).


Hi Marika,

That is amazing. Did they say why  they made that decision? We thought they would be trying to retrieve thousands off of us. Do not have letter yet but our post is slow here. Received hard copies of my paperwork thanks.

It has gone away! Many thanks for all your hard work with my case. Still stunned by what you achieved. Great result. I dread to think what might have happened if I dealt with them myself. will attend to reviews shortly and pass on word of mouth.

Regards from us both, Kim



I would like to thank you and your team for helping me to solve my problem and to advise me accordingly. My case is now closed and I was fined  an Administration Penalty of £2000 and this will be sent to the Council for arrangements for payments in instalments.

Thank you again for your support and I will get back to you about a Civil Case which I am dealing with at the Moment.

I have now got myself a very good job in the Civil Service.

Many Thanks


Good Evening Rodney.
Sorry iv not been in touch..iv had a couple of weeks off. Everything in the last hearing went really well.. the court went with what the section 7 said, and to be fair i dont think things will change…but thank you so much for all your help,i could’nt have done it without you! But i know where you are if ever i need you.
Many thanks


Hi there

Thank you for all your help and support in my case. I was fully in the loop at all times and you guys responsed to all my question and queries promptly. It was a great peace of mind to have such a great team in my corner. I wish you all the best and may you continue to help people like my self in the future. Thank you once again




Dear Marika

I am writing this email to thank you for everything that you have done regarding my GDC application, I have got an email from GDC confirming that they have accepted me as an exempt person and that I can register with them normally as a exempt person, tomorrow I am going to send the registration form to GDC with all the relevant documents. Again I thank you with all my heart as I believe without your hard work this would not have been an easy journey.

Best regards



Dear Rodney and team, I left a text on your mobile last night , it was only a short one as I was totally and utterly drained from my day in court but just voicing my appreciation to you all. It’s a big thank you from myself and family as I don’t think I could’ve coped without you all, knowing you were all there for  made a big difference mentally. Thank you again everyone. Best wishes, Adrian


Dear Marika,

and all members of staff at Hylton- potts who have been involved in preparing my case to the GDC.

I would like to express my thanks and gratitude for your help in obtaining my exemption status and hopefully my registration in the near future.

Kind Regards,


Hi Emma,

Thank you all for all your help. The Magistrate said there was no case to answer to on either count. So it was thrown out of court.

Many thanks



Dears Hylton-Potts team members,

It was a long day yesterday presenting before the GDC committee panel. It was ended nicely with a positive decision to allow our appeal.

I would like to thank all of your team members who handled my case in very professional manner.

Mr Hylton, I really appreciate your great support and your precious advises, specially the Smints.

last but not least, Ms Aly, you were gorgeous being in the driving seat of the hearing room.

All the best to all of you.

Best wishes



I really appreciate how responsive you and your team were with this matter.

Thank you. I would definitely recommend you to my friends. But lets hope I do not have to use you again.


HI Rodney and Vikkie,

Many thanks for the return of my documentation. I would like to say a big thank you for your help with my case. Things have not been easy over the past few year’s. I have since put my business up for sale and I think it would be wise to opt out of working tax credits at the next renewal period. I will have to stuggle along the best i can. Once again many thanks,

Kind regards


Hi Rodney

It seems your wonderful letter did the trick. Please let me know your opinion.

Thank you very much for all your excellent work. : )

Best wishes


Thank you so much!!


We are grateful to each and every one of them for writing such nice words about us, and hope that we are able to one day assist you with whatever legal issues you may be experiencing.

Get in touch with us either by phone – 020 7381 8111, using the contact form or by sending us an email to [email protected]

We look forward to working with you soon…

Dear legal team we did win our appeal and want to thank all of your team for working hard for us without your help this fair and realistic decision wouldnt have been made THANKS AGAIN Paul  and Linda


Dear Emma.

Seriously can’t express how great full I am to you for all your help in this matter. It’s such a huge load off my mind but obviously not in the clear yet.

Words can’t express the relief i feel and I have only you and my step mother to thank for helping me get out of this hole I’ve created.  so thank you ever so much for everything.

Fingers crossed the dwp and counsel will be understanding and help us to get the matter resolved rapidly.

Thank you ever so much for everything you truly are one in a million.

Yours eternally great full



Dear Rodney
You are a marvel! I am always astonished by your rapid response and I have every confidence in using your services albeit that I appreciate that in law, with human beings as judges, nothing can be 100% certain.
I will complete and send the forms in due course. Although my fiancé and I talk very positively about marriage in the spring, we have yet to win over all our children who, bless them, think we are both mad!
I am really grateful to you for giving me such encouragement in this matter of inheritance protection. I hope to be forwarding the forms to you within the next couple of months.
With the very best of regards

Thank you Rodney – it was an absolute pleasure to meet. You cannot make me feel better about what I am going through but your concise and clear attitude cuts through the crap, says it as it is and THAT REALLY HELPS!!

Thank you Rodney – it was an absolute pleasure to meet.  You cannot make me feel better about what I am going through but your concise and clear attitude cuts through the crap, says it as it is and THAT REALLY HELPS!!

When our litigation finished I said to my husband that if I had my time again I would study law and then buck the legal system and offer people what they really need.  After 3 years of intimate contact with lawyers it was sickening to be trapped by it – watching all the ‘jobs for the boys’ being spread out and exploited.  Of course I appreciate that you do what you do for reasons you could not control – but it must be rewarding to know you are bringing something very unique and genuine to us ‘victims’ of the legal system!


Thank you rodney i appreciate that, i would recommend your expertise to anyone i know who has a legal problem. It is clear you are an amazing lawyer and i am sorry the case has had to of been dropped.

Kindest of regards,


Hi Emma this is the final letter from HMRC which shows that the case is dropped so thank you for all your help.

With kind regards  Mohammed

Dear Hylton-Potts,

My name is Dr M. M and I dealt with Rodney in 2011 when he did a great job in helping me get my GMC registration.

I was hoping that I would be able to get some help from him again.

Dear Vikkie

Please could you thank miss Pascoe she did a brilliant job, and many many thanks to you for all your help don’t know what we would have done without you

Peter and Sara

Dear Rodney

Just to let you know that I have read in entirety the Court case to which you referred me.

Wow!  There is a God!

The mother in that case sounded like Mary Poppins compared with my son’s former wife!

Again, my sincere thanks for giving us hope.

Best wishes


Please accept my apologies I was not complaining in relation to the service or value for money.

Quite the contrary. I am delighted with your assistance with both matters. Mum is very anxious about everything.

I have advised her to leave alone and wait the outcome of the appeal.

Rodney, mum is concerned and my property. She does not want to antagonise him and force the court situation. I’m not bothered about court. My concern is finance.

I trust you and your advice.

If you think the letter will put him in his place then feel free to send it. I will have to deal with the consequences if and when the arise.

I am very happy and grateful to both you and Vikkie.

Fingers crossed for a successful outcome for my mum now.

Thank you again,


Dear Rodney

Just wanted to give you an update to let you know that in the end on this long case me and the shit decided to go our separate ways and stay the case with no order for costs either way

I wanted to thank you personally for the help you have provided me on this case which is being very good and useful and I will continue to recommend your services when the opportunity arises


Thank you, Rodney.

Please help me to thank barrister, Thomas Evans who spoke most eloquently on my behalf.



It’s a relief … and a bird in the hand ..! I really appreciated having Vikkie there


Dear Rodney and Vikkie

My goodness you work very hard and so promptly!

Firstly, thank you very much for the time taken to meet with me (and my friend who came along for the day for moral support), for the honest advice given and the way forward.

It was a pleasure to meet with you both and comforting to know I have legal guidance at this critical stage in proceedings.

As you know, after what seems like relentless bombardment of legal demands over the last 2 years I have been struggling somewhat lately, hence contacting Hylton-Potts and I am very glad I did.

Kind regards


Thank you so much for your email. You cannot realise what a relief it was. This really feels like a ten ton weight has been taken off our heads.

Really impressed by the fast efficient way in which you have dealt with things on our behalf. I can assure you as soon as the overpayment letter is received payment will be made. Thus putting an end to what has been a very stressful situation.

Thanks again

Sandra and Ken


Thanks for advice

I carred out that which you suggested and she paid up like a lamb

Best Regards

Brilliant email – did the trick! My mum says you’re wonderful 🙂

Dear Vicky, Rodney and the Team

I just wanted to send you my sincere thanks and gratitude for all your help and assistance through this ordeal.

I can now get on with living and no longer wake in the night in a cold sweat.  Thanks again.

Warm regards


Dear Rodney and Vickii,

Many thanks for your e-mail and letter.

I take note of all your other services and would be very happy to recommend you in aspects of Law to my colleagues and friends.

I look forward to receiving all my documents.

Best regards,


Dear Vikkie/Rodney,
Just thought I’d drop you a quick note to inform you that the benefits agency has today written to me to confirm that the whole case against me has been dropped and all charges written off as they have confirmed that I was entitled to claim what I did so thank you for your help.

I look forward to hearing from you and once again thank you for your help in this terrible ordeal.


Hi Emma,

First of all what brilliant news, I’m not a great one for communications letters emails etc.. I was expecting a far different outlook to the case, could not be better and I’m able to move on, I’ve mentioned your services to family and friends you are my number one choice for future matters.

Once again Brilliant outstanding Awesome

Bruno S.


Thank you very much for your assistance throughout my employment case, I have recommended a couple of colleagues to you in the past and will continue to do so.



He is not a friend. You managed to get money out of him, and to the best of my knowledge, nobody else has achieved that!

I am therefore reluctant to disclose his name. Let’s just say I admired the gumption with which you pursued him. Julie

Wow , you have changed him around from me being a ‘f*****g’ cow who was not going to see her dog again , too pretty please may I have the dog !    Thanks miracle worker.  A

Dear Emma and  Rodney,    Thank you for sending this on – it is very good news, and a great relief as you can imagine.  I had understood that only last week the two investigators were deadlocked, with one in favour of prosecution and the other against. Anyway it’s now irrelevant. Thank you both for your help over the last two or three months – we have the desired result and we can all now sleep soundly again and get on with our lives. With my very best wishes ,Petra


Dear Rodney Firstly, thank you very much for your responses to my questions to-date, albeit on a no obligation basis. As mentioned previously, I was simply seeking straight forward correct answers to my questions and, possibly, some assistance with matters should they proceed hereon?  You were kind enough to respond in a straight forward manner which certainly seems a rare occurrence these days.  I was very impressed and also truly grateful as you confirmed my thoughts. I have done my research and I do truly respect and appreciate your ‘up front’ attitude and for your kind offer of assistance. I will be back in touch shortly. Jen ___________________________________________________________________________________________

Hi .Once again thank you for your efforts  I am very pleased with the outcome which could have been a lot worse. I won’t hesitate in forwarding you to anyone for your services .Kindest regards Chez. _________________________________________________________________________________

thats fantastic news.thank you very much for your input.kind regards kevin.


Dear Rodney I received this email from GDC and it is a good news that my application has been successful and I am in the process of entering the dental register. Another success for Hylton-Potts! You have been great and have worked brilliantly for me. With your effort I am now able to practice my dream job of Dentistry. I really thank you and your team for this. Amil

Thank you for your reply. You have done a excellent advice and hats off to you and I really mean it. Regards Jaffar

BRILLIANT !   You’re the man Rodney. Geof

Can I say that, as part of my research into your company before the case was heard, it was revealed that there are some in leading Law firms the City of London who hold you in high esteem. Both through reputation and experience. It what was persuaded me that you were indeed a good guy. Thought you’d like to know. Roger

Dear Rodney Your reputation continues and your methods are proved. I had my day in court and survived. The ‘old boy’ network works, with Robert Grey knowing the Magistrate helping. The Magistrate was exceedingly just and in my mind, very fair. The prosecution made a couple of mistakes, not least acknowledging they had no record of the fact I had paid half back. Robert had clearly smoothed the path before my appearance. Now all I have to do is endure 10 weeks of tagging. A massive thank you. You are one of the good guys and I will certainly promote your firm. Thank you Clark

Thanks Emma, I’ve been able to open the letter on a different computer. I thank the firm for your hard work and will definitely recommend you to others.
Kind regards

Dear team you really have been very good to us and have helped us so much for this we can thank you enough and the fact that you have always got back to us is a sign that its not just about money. I feel you really care about the clients that work with you I can t tell you how much that means to us. we are very confused people right now please bear with us i didnt want pay for an appeal if like you say either door you open they are in first yes we appeal and yes tough chunks you still gota pay if you see what i mean i will email you in the next couple days i feel a little ecouraged by what you said in your last email many thanks to your wonderful team

And yes Rodders You always earn your money. You’re like a pay as you go slot machine. But you ALWAYS perform. Kerching. Hope I can raise more in the future for you to take on my forest of litigation Smile. Mohammed

I’m so happy it turned out well also Rodders, I really cannot thank you enough. You’re AMAZING! lots of love xxxx Petra

Oh Rodders you are amazing! Thank you thank you so so much! So grateful! Lots of love xxxxx Kind Regards Luce

Thanks for this Rodney, I had been meaning to e-mail you and have been inundated with work. I managed to source a barrister directly through the Bar Council, his name is Oriel Hinds. He will assist with the case and CMC hearing in a couple of weeks time. If I require any further input or assurance, I will contact your offices as I found you to be very professional and comprehensive in your advice and input. If ever anyone wants legal advice, I also know whom to recommend. Best Regards, Shiraz

Thank you so much Simone, I can’t tell you how glad I am I got in touch with you. I am still very stressed out about it all but I can see that having you giving me guidance, help and advice there is a shaft of light at the end of the tunnel. Peggy

Dear Rodney, REF: Tenant from Hell. I should have written before now to thank you, so sorry. That awful woman took the matter to MyDeposit to get the money. After much documentation, video recordings, photos and so forth I won the case i.e. MyDeposit returned the money to me, rightly so. Indeed, as Charles says, without your support and advice she might not have moved out. I am so pleased I come to see you as I listen very carefully to everything you said. I cannot thank you enough. Most grateful. Kindest regards, Sarah

Dear Rodney I was extremely impressed with your prompt response and personal touch last summer. You honestly told me I was doing very well on my own, and I won my case at the allocation stage. The defence conceded everything before we went in to court (everything bar fast-track costs, which I have a costs lawyer working on). Pete

Dear Rodney,Super job, thanks so much, we put your draft letter on to company letterhead so no need for you to mail yours, may well ask you quote to review documents next week.Kind Regards Rupert

“Hi Rodney We have actually settled this now, apologies for not letting you know. He didn’t want the hassle of the court hearing so Dave came to an agreement. Thank you for all your hard work on this case for us. We appreciated it! Many Thanks Carolyn/ Dave

Dear Rodney and Emma. Thank you so much for all your help. Emma you have been so kind and patient with me. The lovely Samual Parish was wonderful in court yesterday. I have been given a conditional discharge……..Mr Parish and I couldnt quite believe it!!! I will definitely recommend you to anyone who has a legal problem. All the very best to you all Lillie  xxxxx

Hi Rodney I didn’t get a cooked breakfast (wouldn’t have kept it down) and I didn’t get to bed that early. Peter was a very nice man, we actually got on very well. No doubt he will bring you up to date. It’s all done and dusted. I was given a community order of 150 hrs. to be completed in 12 months, and pay £85 in costs. What a relief. I was shitting myself; the man before me in court had a similar case and he got 6 months Had coffee and bacon roll with Peter, Jill, in Wetherspoons and home by 1.30. Great Result. Thank you for your help and expertise, much appreciated. Whilst your services were great, I hope I don’t need them again. Kind regards, Philip

Dear Rodney and Simone A big thank you for helping me with my daughter and my will. I am now in the process of setting up supported access near to home. kind regards and thanks again
Best Petra

Well it went as well as could reasonably be expected and none of it a surprise. The judge did enforce payment on outstanding monies owed on bonus and RPI indexing, going forward as well.Thanks again for all your help and support. I appreciate Rodneys’ insistence on focusing on the detail of the money as this was critical to the outcome, so please pass on my gratitude to him”. Julie

I feel guilty about what I said about the choice of barrister, Rodney she was great, apologies for ever questioning your judgement on this, all stress related, she fought hard today against 2 obstinate individuals. I will indeed have a drink tonight and also have a burning of files ceremony similar to the one I had on leaving high school. I am eternally grateful for all your efforts and professionalism”.
Best regards Dave

I am still overwhelmed by the decision of the judge and the expertise, diligence and exemplary preparation and presentation of my case by yourself and Richard; there is no doubt in my mind that without you, the outcome would have devastatingly different.
With all my very best wishes always, Sx

The barrister was amazing ! I would like to use her for everything including the divorce!
Thank you if it wasn’t for you I would have lost L

Oh Rodney …… I cannot believe what you and Richard and Emma have done for me. I can never ever thank you  enough…    I’m completely shocked and speechless Sx

Thank you for the advice and fast response to my request for a speedy resolution of my problems. I will get try my best to get answers to all the questions you asked of me. I have friday off and will do the bulk of it then, but i will start gathering the necessary information straightaway.
Kind regards, Abid

Dear Rodney, Thank you so much for your lovely message. I feel bewildered after today but at least it’s over. Thank you also for helping me so much; I really appreciate it. Richard was superb. My very best wishes to you and Maud. With love from Petra

Dear Simone You will be pleased to know that my appeal was up held. I have been granted the registration by GDC. I want to thank you for all your help.
Regards Arshad

Thank you so much for making my troubled life free. I would recommed you to any one who need help in such matter like mine.
thx regards, shona

Perfect. Good job Rodney. Thanks for your help. If my cases reaches High Court, I want you to represent me or at least offer me valuable advice. You are in fact the only tough lawyer at an affordable price .

Many thanks for your efforts Rodney. I appreciate you have gone beyond the scope of the fixed fees from time to time.

The SIA have revived all the documents. Thank you very much for working so quickly and professionally. The SIA said it can take up to 3 weeks to review everything before they make a decision. Speak to you soon.

I’d like to Thank you so very much for all your help on this case and all your support, and appreciate everything you have done for us.    Just to let you know I’ve received a response from the fraud case, and it looks like we have to pay back what we owe as well as an administrative penalty…
Thank you again, I have no intention of landing myself into these situations anymore, but; what ever the case, if you cover it you will be the first point off call, and I will not hesitate to recommend you to anyone.
Thank you, thank you, thank you

Hi Rodney.
Today wasn’t the ordeal i anticipated . Emma was lovely and i can only say that i was mightily impressed with Richard Buswell . He was had a commanding presence in Court far better than his opposite number as well as a thoroughly nice chap.

Many thanks for your help and advice. Its funny i now remember speaking with you just under a year ago re the same matter concerning my son and daughter. Its good to hear that you fight hard for Fathers as we do get a raw deal a lot of the time through no fault of our own.And within it all we loose the love of our children along the way. keep up the good work.
Many thanks Denton

Thank you very much for your words of wisdom. I will be there on time in my suit ready to get trough this ordeal. Thank you very much once again for you help in this. It helped me alot and has made me far more confident.
Have a nice day

Thanks Rodney,  your gave me another one.  I would certainly recommend you to anyone I know in need of a lawyer. I accepted the redundancy and now looking for another job.
Best wishes, Liudmila

I thought as much. It has the platinum finishing of the master himself. In golf it’s called hole in one. That submission had the right tone, nice blend of submission where necessary and seasoned arguments.It would remain a masterpiece for tomorrow’s postgraduate lawyers. Kudos to your team! No matter the outcome we have fought gallantly. I hope reasoning supersedes sentiments  and the case rested at this stage for the will to push until a fair and reasonable judgement is achieved is there. Above all aluta  continua, victoria aceta.

Extend my heartfelt personal greetings to the godfather himself.

Kind regards

I will surely direct people to you. I was directed to you by a doctor friend of mine who you helped win his case against the GMC. You guys and lads worth your salt.

It was very good to see you too!

I am sorry if Maud misunderstood what I said. I was trying to be complementary towards you. I find your style perfect for me – down to earth brilliance – no fancy posturing – plus sense of humour. This suits me and helps lift my spirits when I get a bit down in the dumps.

Your dedication, hard work and leave no stone un-turned is just right…….

All very much OK for me.


Thank you Rodney. I feel much happier now that you are in the case. Also extremely happy to send some business your way. I realise it’s somewhat controversial to hires one’s ex wife’s divorce lawyer, but I hope you know I hold you in the highest regard and would still consider Hylton-Potts to be very dear, if slightly dangerous, friends… For clarity I use the word “dear” in a soppy sense rather than a fiscal one. Always yours J X

Thank you very much for your help. I promise to keep you in mind if I or anyone I know needs legal help. Keep up the good work and take care. Sheema

I am truly impressed at the speed you reply Rodney, this is exactly what I want, as opposed to solicitors that take forever, or insist on writing long-winded letters. I will be in touch asap Charles

Emma, thank you all for your patience and help with my caseI cant tell you how relived I am to walk free from court todayyou guys are the A Teamthank you thank you thank youThomas John was very goodhe convinced the Magistrates in a very skillful way to show me mercyChris

Dear Rodney,Hip hip hip hooray from us allThank you so much. The jubilation is palpable here.Oliver

Dear Mr Hylton-Potts

I contacted you a while back regarding a court appearance for possession property. The advice that you gave me thought an email has been a magnificent outcome.
I just want to say I sincerely Thank You for your legal guidance in this matter.
Best Regards

As far back as 1988 Rodney Hylton-Potts was congratulated by a High Court judge, with the speed with which he conducted litigation – click here to view.

Letter from The Hon. Mr. Justice Michael Davies, Dated 30/03/08 (PDF 40kb)

This lot are completely different. They cut out the crap and the mumbo-jumbo, and just get on with it.”

This is a complex matter, it is a problem. I need to confess that I am amazed how you treat your clients. Last email sent on 5:38 am! I feel fortunate to have met you. I make sure that I write the best Review ever

Hi Rodney Thank you ! All the stress is gone ! Will definitely use your services again should the need arise

Your professional and prompt responses are highly appreciated, will definitely refer lots of clients. Warm regards and great respects

I would like to thank you for helping me get a payout so quickly from my old employers and for doing it at such a reasonable fee

Rodney was amazing. He got me to write on the file in a big marker pen what I wanted. He then ticked them off one by one, and we got them all!

My solicitor said I should settle for £4,500. Rodney got me £17,000.

Oh this is Heavenly news. And you thankyou for not crucifying me in fees you must be blessed.

I came to Rodney on my divorce feeling like a widow. My credit cards had been cut up and my car would not start. In six months everything was settled, and I even bought a convertible Mini to make me feel younger.

>Wow! thank you so so much to you that’s a great deal off my mind. I cant thank you all enough for your help and hard work. what a result. many thanks shelley

I got a 28 day ban and total costs of £225 which is better than I could ever have expected as this is completely out of their guidelines

Just to say thank you. Your website is very true. There are not many in the legal trade who would have passed on details without some charge, in fact our own family solicitors which we have used for years did not want to know or give advice on this situation. So I genuinely thank you for your help.

I cannot promise you hundreds of pounds of business but my wife and I run our own business that from time to time requires legal advice which until now, has followed tradition and used the “family” solicitor ,maybe it’s time for a change.

I also wanted to say your efforts, persistence and valiant effort were so appreciated.

I hope this missive finds you well and still dispensing sound advice to the likes of me who fall foul of the law for whatever reason. Consulting with you after my DD incident was enormously comforting and full of the soundest advice. Many thanks again for those discussions.

Thank you so much for your help, if anyone I know finds themselves in the unfortunate position I am in I will definitely recommend you.

We have been dealing with yourself and your firm for a number of years, January 1999- present, during which time as clients, have experienced a first class and speedy efficient, professional legal service, not to mention skilful and honest advice, for which we are most grateful.

I just don’t know the word how to thank you for the help you given me i will remember all my life as i was never scared of my life like this since i got the fraud investigation letter.

Over the many years of business (about ten years, I recall) with yourself we gained total confidence in your advice and liked your ability to speedily resolve problems and disputes.

Over the years my firm has dealt with you, both as a client and as a fellow professional in practice. During my association with you, both myself and my client, have found you to provide a speedy and efficient service. Furthermore, you have shown yourself to be supportive and not easily dissuaded from the cause.

You have dealt with my legal affairs since 1978. I would like to put on record the fact that at all times you dealt with honesty, integrity and efficiency. On two particular occasions we had to go to court over matters of extreme personal importance to me. On both occasions you handled matters with delicacy and perception. More importantly, due to your professional approach, you won both cases.

You are both my personal lawyer and my company legal advisor and have been for the past ten years. During this time you advised me on at least ten occasions when we dealt with such issues as starting a new enterprise, maximising the value of our software, preventing competitors from copying our work, collecting payment from creditors, getting divorced and removing a tree which was planted directly in front of the house.
You have always provided the best possible legal advice-objective, insightful and practical- and most importantly perhaps, you have consistently told me all the relevant facts of a particular case in a single telephone conversation, other lawyers would have needed two meetings, three letters and four weeks to achieve the same objective!

I am happy to report that, because of your help, guidance and superb negotiating skills, we have never lost a case in court.

For approximately two years my firm has dealt with your practice in your capacity as legal advisor to various of our clients. Our clients felt that the service you provided was conducted in a speedy and efficient manner.

Thank you for a very helpful and practical discussion today, very much appreciated.
All points in the attached documents noted – thanks for a quick turnaround.
I will get back to you after my discussions with the bastard.

I spoke to them at 7 p.m. We were in Court next morning at 10 a.m. and got an Injunction against my violent ex-husband at 10.30 a.m.

This is a quick e-mail to say thank you for helping me with my case, i have received my conviction this morning and i have been given 6 points and have got to pay £130 in fines, and have not been disqualified. Fantastic.
So once again thank you for your hard work and hopefully i will not need your help again for a driving matter lol.

I was frightened when the Benefits people came to call, but Rodney negotiated an arrangement so that I could pay them back in stages and I have no criminal record.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your guidance and assistance. You were was absolutely brilliant!
Rodders, you are simply the best! (Not Chris Eubanks, I hasten to add) (smile)
I can assure you that you have not got rid of me, and we’ll remain in contact. We are in the process of gathering every available arsenal and we’ll be back!
Once again, thank you!

Thanks Rodney, good luck to you, you held true to your claims of being more efficient that solicitors.

I’d like to thank you for your first rate help, for your special Rodney Rottweiler letter, your fast responses and utmost professionalism throughout. I’m impressed, pleased and won’t hesitate to recommend you.

I’ve had a meeting today with PE and reached an agreement.
You’ll be delighted to know that they settled on paying me £42,500 ex gratia payment.
A great result.
Thank you very much for your help

I was in a tight spot and said to Rodney “What do I do now?”
He said “Tell them you hired me”.
I thought he was joking but he was not, and he was right.
It worked.

We tried and that is the main thing, you help me a lot in this case and i am very satisfied from your side. Your advise were so help full but this time i was not lucky against TFL.I will definitely recommend your firm to my friends if they need any legal help. Thanks again to you for everything.

Good Morning Rodney
Thanks for that excellent result, I will keep you on file for future problems, I will also recommend you to friends.
Kind regards

I was on holiday for the last two weeks I just came back to find excellent news from the GMC ….. it’s over, the case has been closed
please find the attached letter and correct me if i’m wrong. i would like to thank you for your help through out the case, now the nightmare is over

John was able to see the kids today @ the agreed venue. Next visit is 2mrow 9-12noon.
Kids were happy to see him.
Thank you for assisting to make today possible.
God bless you.

I just wanted to let you know that DWP and HMRC have agreed on me just repaying them and they will not be taking any further action. This was all down to the service you provided and I just wanted to thank you so much and the team working on my case. It is very much appreciated and I am so relieved.
I will definitely recommend you should the need arise for a friend (I have no intention in putting myself in that situation again).

Thanks for your patience in allowing me to clear my bill in instalments
This was much appreciated and made the whole saga much easier for me to survive!
I’ve had a good look at the other services you offer, and I wont hesitate in the future to get your help and of course recommend you to any friends or family who could benefit from your counsel

Thank you so much for returning the file and for your advice !!! My hearing was today and I got a fine of 350 and have to repay the money!! No ban.
Thank you so much for your help and advice through out.

I have been very pleased with your services thus far and would recommend you to anyone without hesitation. I was under the impression that an overseas divorce was going to be a nightmare, however, you have made the process simple and very straight-forward.”

You sound to me like one of the few really decent people left.
When this is all over I will add a link to my web site.
If it is not all over I will come to you and sit down and talk fees etc.

I have just seen my wife’s Form H – I could not believe my eyes! So far she has been charged £5,510!!!!!!!! I thought for a while that maybe the the decimal point must have shifted!. Suffice to say your fees seem very reasonable!

This is to confirm that I have now received the certificate of dissolution.
I am so grateful to you for the work that you have done over the last few months – the service that you have offered has been absolutely first rate, and, I know that if I ever need a lawyer again your firm will be my first port of call!
I have already recommended you to a friend, who is in a similar situation. He should be in touch with you in the coming months.

Perfect, I believe this is a good investment towards future and that you now as my lawyer will help me with success so we can all grow.
I have a very nice feedback from you and that is why I am here.

I will certainly give you good press, you are a bit expensive for someone like me, but you have earned your keep J
Thank you for all you have done to resolve this on my behalf

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all your hard work on my case, your advice, help and support was much appreciated with the added bonus of your effect on the opposition.
I will also be recommending you at all appropriate opportunities.

Thank you for everything you have done for me. Your excellent and highly professional performance in front of GMC yesterday really saved my license. And that has been fully appreciated by both my wife and me.
And yes, I will contact you in future since I intend to come to this beautiful country and open up my GP office. I will then need advice from a lawyer and I will contact you. Please take care of you and your health so that we can collaborate in future as well.

That was a brilliant questionaire you sent to the other side Rodney.Well done.

Thank you for everything.
You are amazing, Nikki thinks you’re great.

Rodney…counsel was fantastic! All in all….counsel could not have done anymore….he fought like a “lion!” Once again…thank you from the bottom of our hearts! You are the best!
Thanking you!

I have had a shit day just thought I was having to sit down to do paperwork.
My dog gave birth to 8 pups last night had no sleep and just come in from horses to find one dead!! Straight away thought that was an omen into what was happening with this case.
Will ring mum now and take the paperwork up for signing in the morning.

When I was charged, my solicitors said I would have to plead guilty and get a criminal record. Rodney, ground them down and in the end they dropped the case

Sorry I did not contact you yesterday , I was extremely exhausted. I am very happy with the outcome and Thomas was very good . He is excellent barrister . Thank you very much for everything.

Rodney You are amazingly efficient.

Rodney has been divorced himself and has five children. I could really tell he is fighting for me.
He even gave me a book “For the Sake of the Children” from Families Need Fathers. He really cared.

I came to Rodney through Families Need Fathers. It was a long, hard battle, but I now see my children every weekend, which has changed my life

I could actually understand the agreement they drafted for me

Rodney, wanted to thank you & your team for all the hard work….really good….Counsel seemed pleased also
its not sunk in yet to be honest!….
my friend will be in touch tomorrow
all the best, K

Thank you for everything you have done for me. Your excellent and highly professional performance in front of GMC yesterday really saved my license. And that has been fully appreciated by both my wife and me.
And yes, I will contact you in future since I intend to come to this beautiful country and open up my GP office. I will then need advice from a lawyer and I will contact you. Please take care of you and your health so that we can collaborate in future as well.

He does indeed deal with company litigation disputes. I would recommend that you contact him now and talk with him about your case and enquire about his fees. Perhaps you know some other people in need of a good and affordable legal defense and could recommend Rodney to them as well.

They were with me every step of the way

They are old fashioned/God fearing/hardworking/Fulham proletariat and they have a view about the Establishment and the law which might not be dissimilar to yours.
If anything I think they rather like you even more now if that’s possible!

Thanks to you, I have been given this, instead of prosecution.
I accepted formal caution today and the case is closed.
Thank you again for your efforts to do this all for me.

No stuffed shirts this lot. They made me laugh and cheered me up for the first time in ages, and got me much more than my previous- stuffed shirt-solicitor had told me to expect.

Dear Rodders, Just a quick email to thank you for the chat the other day even though I didn’t pay you for this, but you still gave me the inspiration and strength to battle on. I managed to salvage a bad situation from this and a Cheque is on the way for £6000 got it up from £5000. A Big Thanks Goes out to the Rottweiler Love the Video Your are a Real Character

Can’t believe it’s over. That lady you sent me and sorry her name escapes me now is lovely and a credit. I’m not saying that cos I walked away. She was so calming we had so many stop starts with all my paperwork being at the wrong court and them not listing me. But she got me through it. Please thank her again for me. She had to rush off back to london. I hope I never need your services again! But if I should I would always use you. Thank you again.

He came to see the property, got me £2000 off the price, fixed my mortgage, and got me in for Christmas.

Good news Rodney, The GMC phoned me today to tell me I’ve been granted my provisional license!
Thanks for your and the girls’ help.

Get them on your side. Heaven help you if they are against you

I hope you don’t look back on the GMC hearing in Manchester with anything other than satisfaction: with all the concerns about your lay client I think you achieved a cracking result.

I have been running my own business for 20 years and have never met a solicitor who had a clue how small businesses work- then I came across Rodney. I now use him for all my legal work.

This mean basically that I pay her 177k once the house is sold plus child support as per the Child support guidelines.
And this is a clean break – once and for all?
Hip hip hooray and well done Rodney.

your the best, and i have no stress now.

As an aside, notwithstanding my view of your tactics as despicable, I did find them refreshingly ruthless and very effective. once this is settled and conflicts removed, you will certainly get my call the next time i am in a dispute.

Just a quick note to say I really appreciate your help during this most difficult time.
We have known each other for a long time, and I can see you have gone the extra mile on this one. Thank you.

What a day! But success nevertheless ,even the barrister thought was a 50:50 chance.
Great team work Rodney,
Speak tomorrow

Hi Rodney
Hope you’re well. I just thought I’d let you know that I received a letter from the Council to say that they are not taking the matter any further. I do however obviously have to pay the money back.
Thank you so much for your help with this!..

The Hylton-Potts firm not only has an interesting founder, it also has great marketing. See website:
From HPLC website: “Here at Hylton-Potts we offer a Harley Street service at local GP, National Health prices……”

“We have Rolls Royce service at Ford prices – Try us – you will not be disappointed.
We accept cheques, cash, debit cards, credit cards and Paypal.”

Now, that’s what I call style. You couldn’t make this stuff up. – Private Eye | 20-May-2010

Superb. Top man! And, no, I don’t work for A & O.

– Dayglo Dave | 20-May-2010

Thanks – and well done yourself. It was your well prepared case which helped win the case.
Please thank Emma as well. I have great confidence in her. Anything you ask her to do – she does it effortlessly and without complaint.

Hi Rodney,
A friend of mine is getting divorced. He’s just started the process. So I gave him your name and number because you are a god!Steve | 16-May-2012

Hi Rodney
Perfectly happy with the letters.
Please post them.Thanks for all your efforts. I’ve never before met a Lawyer who moves as swiftly and efficiently as you do.
Have a nice weekend

Hopefully you know how highly I value all the hard work & advice you & your team have put in as I try & recommend you to any of my friends/acquaintances who need legal advice. The speed & attention of your office makes one feel like the only/most important client (which is obviously not the case), & this is backed up by the contrast seen with any of the other legal teams we have encountered.
I’d also like to extend my gratitude to counsel Simon, with whom I think you have a very good working relationship & ideal fit. He, like you, suggests solutions which are fair & sensible rather than off with the fairies

Thank you for returning my documents to me. I have to say I’m still not sure on how things will progress at home since there have been a number of radical changes in my life. I was however really pleased with our chat and your work, Rodney – and I wouldn’t hesitate a second to come back to you.

As you can see from the mail exchange with my wife below, your letters have had a major effect. She has accepted that I send a mobile phone to my daughter – so that means I can use it to contact my kids when I wish too.
Thanks a million.

Great I just signed, hand a copy to katie and put it in a drawer…
Best, thanks for everything! You guys are very uncomplicated, I will use you again in the future.

Hi Rodney
Thank you so much for all your effort in dealing with my case in such a short time. I received my cheque yesterday. I can move forward now. Kind Regards Marshall

Dear Rodney,
I wanted to thank you for your help at the start of this case and to let you know that I was acquitted on Friday. The Sheriff was furious that this had happened. She said that I am still entitled to the Disability Living Allowance benefit (I don’t want it however and will not claim it) and that I was “bullied, harangued and harrassed” amongst other things. She said that I was picked on and that no-one did any research to find out that (1) the allegation was false; (2) I was actually living with a terrible illness; and (3) instead of staying at home and claiming benefits to which I would be entitled, I chose to get out of bed at 4.45am every morning, just to get a parking space as close as possible to my office. These last 2 years have been absolute Hell so I’m pleased to be able to put it behind me and get on with my life. Many thanks Kind regards, Jacqueline

Dear Simone,
I have just read your email and opened your attachment…and cried.
Thank you so much for all your help…I am so very grateful. Sorry I have bombarded you with emails (not the last one) as everyday I have been worrying that I would open a court summons. My life can move on now. I can enjoy my baby boy & my two boys & fiance. Pursue my teaching career & stop taking sleeping tablets and happy pills.
Thank you again. Charlotte

Hi Emma ,

It was very nice talking to you yesterday.

I do really appreciate your effort in this matter you cant believe the joy when I heard that my appeal has been dealt with at last I can get on with my life and think a about my kids future.

I also want to take this opportunity to thanks Rodney Hylton -Potts for the their services and I will strongly recommend them to family friends and colleagues. Fedoua

All went well, I was in by 10.30 and out before 11.00. The outcome was a fine of £615.00–matter closed.
The initial process was quite intimidating, the opening statement from the chief magistrate went something like ‘Do you realise the seriousness of the charges? Do you know you could face a prison sentence?’
The representative from the DWP had your letter which was shown to the panel, I think that helped. Thank you for trying. The offence was reduced to a category D issue based on track record, full repayments made and a guilty plea.
Whilst I am happy at the result I will never allow myself to get into any similar situations ever again. Tonight will be my first relaxed sleep for many a month.
I think you provided an excellent service at an affordable price and should the need arise I would have no hesitation in recommending your services.
Once again Many Thanks Regards R

I am SO HAPPY Simone I wish you were in front of me right now so I could kiss you on the cheek and hug you!!!!
To think that in June I was sitting in your office with you 14 weeks ago and now it is all over!!! I should drink a bottle of wine tonight with my friends and I promise you there will be a glass of wine just for you on the table girl!!!!
A Big thank you Simone, and yes when I remarry you will do the prenup agreement…I just hope I don’t divorce again…So I better recommend you for the people that want to divorce!!!
I will wait for the original on the post! The marriage is registered here in Brazil and I need the original to make the divorce legal here too!
Thanks again….and All the very best for you!!

Rodney and Maude Have never and will never forget the support you afforded me throughout a physically/spiritually heart-rending phase in my life. My body and spirit is embracing acceptance,contemplation and tolerance on its journey to recovery. Your timely assistive ‘actions’ in this regard continues to be appreciated.
Best wishes

Hi Emma, I have just had a letter from HMRC saying thank you for my reply to their letter of 20 Feb 2013. they have reviewed the information and do not need to amend my award. Does that mean everything is over? I can scan and send you the letter later. Thank you so much for you help. You have been very professional and patient with me!
Best wishes,

What do Barristers say about us?

“Having Hylton-Potts as an intermediary works extremely well. Cases are always beautifully presented and the preparation of bundles is particularly helpful.”

“Their approach keeps costs down and is a big boost towards getting the best result for the client.”

“Thanks – and well done yourself. It was your well prepared case which helped win the case. Please thank Emma as well. I have great confidence in her. Anything you ask her to do – she does it effortlessly and without complaint. Regards Simon”

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Press & Media

“Nightclub boss hires Cherie to fight Tony’s smoking ban” (PDF 356kb)
Mirror Newspaper, 21st June 2008.

Dear Rodney,WISHING you HAPPY & PROSPEROUS year 2013.I attended court hearing for the “NOT GUILTY” on Weds 9th Jan, 2013. I was found not guilty and was given my driving licence. It was a big relief and I was very happy about the outcome.Thanks for all your help.Kind Regards,Victor

“Rec’d land registry doc…& many thx for the additional work involved at no extra charge….much appreciated hope well rgds, Kevin

Thanks for your letter and your support: was aware of your capabilities from my original research and will keep you in mind should I meet or hear of those in need of your expertise.Once again my thanks. Take care.Yours Roger

I second that Emma. Thanks for all your diligent work! You’re a star!Warm regardsRos

Another deliriously happy client! He got dealt with without further adjournment and with only 180hrs unpaid work over 12 months. Papers except backsheet handed to client. Thanks for the brief, Emma Samuel P